Timeless Grandeur: Introducing our Iconic Gloss Square Slab Design, a kitchen masterpiece by Williamson and Jones that will grace your home for generations to come.

Make a resounding statement with high gloss lacquered finish fascias, exuding a brilliance that captivates the senses. Complemented by gloss melamine accessories, this design embodies the essence of refined minimalism – clean, uncluttered, and utterly captivating.

With a color palette encompassing Gloss White, Gloss Grey Mist, Gloss Kashmir, Gloss Dakota Grey, and Gloss Oyster, the Iconic Gloss Square Slab Design becomes a canvas for your culinary dreams. Prepare to create a kitchen that stands as an enduring testament to style and grace, a true reflection of our dedication to elevating your space with unyielding elegance.

Image takes on Germanic styling with the addition of the full width factory installed brushed stainless steel effect handle. Available in all of the Image colourways.

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Kitchens are where memories simmer, and creativity sizzles – your kitchen, the heart of a home. Elevate your culinary dreams with our exquisite designs.

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