Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for Elegant Look

Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for Elegant Look

Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for Elegant Look – It is very natural that after a long day of working hours, our body starts feeling tired. To melt away our fatigue, we take a fresh shower in the bathroom. And that post-bath feeling is just indescribable in words. But if the bathroom looks boring and gives non-refreshing vibes. Do you love it? If not, then it’s high time to dive into the Top 10 Bathroom Tiles Design for Elegant Look that this blog contains.

Choosing a perfect tile design for the bathroom can be a puzzling task. It occurs many a time that the designs that were selected by the customers were not the same as their expectations. The result their valuable investment goes in vain. But we won’t let this happen to you. This blog contains the list of the Top 10 Bathroom Tiles Designs that will surely help to modernize your bathroom according to the same image that you created in your mind.

Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for Elegant Look

In crisp, No regret, No disappointment. Only a Worthy investment and a dreamy bathing experience.

List of Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for an Elegant Look

Below is a list of the Top 10 Bathroom Tile Designs for Elegant Look. Let’s have a glance

Evolution: Classic Tiles Design for Bathroom

When it comes to designing the bathroom with something classic, Evolution tiles hold the rank first. The peaceful colors of these tiles make it a perfect choice for a calm bathing experience. Whether for floor or walls, this style will elevate your bathroom to the next level. Moreover, the customers can suggest recommendations that suit their fancy style.

Italian: Neutral Look Design for Bathroom

Another top and stylish trend to decorate the bathroom is to introduce a graceful and neutral look. If you want to achieve this target, the Italian-style design will be a durable and incredible choice. The creamish color of these pieces wonderfully coordinates with the overall bathroom space. So, without any doubt go for it and get ready to shower yourself in a new way.

Alexa: Brick-Touch Style Tile Design

Just wonder how ethereal the feeling will be when you are melting away your exhaustion in the luxury bathroom. You can turn the imagination into actuality with the Alexa Style Tile Design. With the jaw-dropping and triple color combination of white, cream, and brown, these tiles are waiting for you! The brick palate designs that come with this artistic piece will leave your bathing experience in awe.

Plaroma: Square Design for Bathroom Tiles

Want something geometrically stunning for your shower area? So, what about the Square Design? Grey, black, and white colors flawlessly collaborate to offer you an exciting bathing adventure. In this, the tiles with line designs on them, are beautifully placed to make a square shape. Additionally, if want access to experiment with the lines to create any linear design that will suit your taste and style, then Plaroma will be a great pick for you!

Elevation: Serene White Bathroom Tile Design

White is the color that represents peace and purity, and the bathroom is a place where we refresh our souls by removing impurities. So, transforming your bathroom space into something tranquil will be a worthy decision. In this design, the tiles mostly come in pure white color with glamorous waves and prints of grey colors. They are fixed on the walls and floor, plus the wash basin region.
If you are in search of exactly what we explained, then select the Elevation design. In this, the tiles are highly durable and easy to install, offering you a soothing bathing experience.

Vinci: Vertical Style Bathroom Tile Design

For an appealing and basic design, vertical style tile design will be the go-to option. In the Vinci style, the tiles of splendid designs and colors are installed vertically to create a contemporary look for the bathroom. But the customers also have a choice to place horizontally for a long-lasting and traditional look. These tile designs can easily fit on the walls as well as the floor.

Nikea: Artistic Flower Bathroom Tile Design

After watching this design, the one word that will surely come from your mouth is “ Wow”. In this drop-dead gorgeous bathroom design, the tiles with extraordinary flowers are installed either on the bathroom floor or on the one wall. The flower art with exquisite colors is truly a masterpiece. Not only for the bathroom, but you can also choose Nikea Style Tile design for your charming bedroom.

Sunset: Penta+hexagon Style Design

Okay! so, you are planning to refine your bathroom and looking for something unique. How can you forget Sunset, by which you will meet all the dream needs for your bathroom area? In this design, the tiles with bewitching pentagon patterns, that creatively made hexagons, are installed on the bathroom walls whereas the floor tiles remain clean and basic.
For the touch of sophistication, the light grey color has a remarkable contribution to offering you a soothing spa experience.

Zenith: Finished Look Tile Design

Give yourself a ravishing bath every day with the Zenith: Finished look tile design. In this design, the tiles of Coca-Cola black, cream, and white color perfectly blend to fit in the bathroom interior. Additionally, this style is highly durable and easy to maintain.
Did you notice the rough wavy pattern on the tiles that constantly enhance the look of the bathroom? Oops! We are also almost there to miss it.

Orlando: Traditional Rectangular Tile Design

Lastly, in the list of Top 10 Bathroom Tiles Designs for Elegant Look, our 10th but the most traditional design for the bathroom decor is Orlando. Yes, this is true that people of the modern era always prefer the trends while shopping for tiles. But you cannot deny the fact that the rectangular tiles still hold a special place in the world of interior design, plus the bathroom.
Generally, rectangular tiles of a similar color design are installed in the complete bathroom( including walls and floor) to create a traditional and earthy look.
So, If you want to add traditional and vintage vibes to your space, say hello to Orlando: Traditional Rectangular Tile Design


The blog aims to inform the readers about the Top 10 Bathroom Tiles Design for Elegant Look. All these mentioned tile designs are the best and trending in the world of bathroom interior design. The customers have the free choice to customize the installation of the tiles that perfectly coordinate with their taste in lifestyle, bathroom, and color. Moreover, all the tiles under this bathroom tile design have seamless installation and are easy to maintain. From geometrical patterns to flower arts, you can enhance the allure of your bathroom for an exquisite rejuvenating experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Top 10 Bathroom Tiles Design for Elegant Look

Q1: Which is the most traditional tile design for the bathroom?

Ans: If you are looking for one of the most traditional style tile designs for the bathroom space, then rectangular tiles with similar color patterns will be the best choice for you.

Q2: What are the tips for maintaining the tiles?

Ans: If you want to maintain the newness of the tiles forever, then follow these tips. Do regular mopping. Wipe the floor after the bath. Clean your tiles with vinegar solution and water once a week.

Q3: Are these tiles easy to install?

Ans: Yes, all these tiles are easy to install and don’t require any additional tools to fix.

Q4: What is special about Italian-style tile Design?

Ans: The durability and easy maintenance are qualities that set Italian-style Tile design apart from the others. Moreover, the customer can select any color and design to complete the needs of their ideal bathroom.